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New Book: Large Housing Estates: Ideas, Rise, Fall and Recovery; the Bijlmermeer and Beyond


Dr. Frank Wassenberg, Netherlands researcher, professor, and Tower Renewal collaborator  (see Symposium 2011), has

recently published a book called Large Housing Estates: Ideas, Rise, Fall and Recovery — the Bijlmermeer and Beyond.

The book documents origins, histories, and recent events in the revitalization of housing estates, and provides a pan-European and international perspective on the opportunities and challenges of Tower Renewal. The book’s main focus is Amsterdam’s remarkable Bijlmermeer neighbourhood, whose long-term renewal efforts represent global leadership in positive social, environmental, and urban transformation.

Having worked in the past with Dr. Wassenberg, a key expert on the Bijlmermeerproject, the Toronto Tower Renewal team has gained valuable insight in determining local opportunities and strategies for Tower Renewal. (See former posts Learning from Europe and EU Best Practice). Similarly, Dr. Wassenberg’s research with the team here in Toronto has led to his including of Toronto as a key case study in his research.

Large Housing Estates is published by TUDelft, and is available online for download.