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Greening Jane and Finch: Competition finalists

Recently the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) held a competition to create innovative master plans to revitalize Toronto’s San Romanoway Affordable Housing Complex. The “Greening the Grounds” competition asked participants to propose designs that would provide this priority neighbourhood with a new community garden, urban orchard, greenhouse, market space, shelters, seating, paths, recreation areas, and more. The winning entry will be refined and implemented beginning as soon as autumn, 2014.

The design competition is part of more comprehensive ongoing Tower Renewal efforts for this property and many others. Tower Renewal addresses issues of building performance, public health, food security, livability, mobility, access, and community convenience.

Image courtesy of Projexity

The final design will have a significant impact on the San Romanoway community, and will also serve as inspiration for the hundreds of other apartment complexes in the Toronto Region. This is a great opportunity to transform under-utilized, private, open spaces into sustainable parks in service of nature, social development, and community building.

Go online to see the shortlisted proposals and vote for the project you think should win.