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Tower Renewal crash course, update on “Showcase”

Recently ERA’s Graeme Stewart and Evergreen Cityworks‘ John Brodhead presented a webinar on Tower Renewal in partnership with the Social Innovation Generation and Cities for People.

The webinar presents an impressive picture of the last eight years of Tower Renewal efforts, and includes discussion of Toronto’s unique built form in relation to other cities, its history of progressive modern planning, the challenges and opportunities faced today by its aging tower neighbourhoods, and exciting new developments in City zoning and Tower Renewal activities.

One of the latest developments discussed by this webinar is the formation of the Tower Renewal Partnership and its mandate to create on-the-ground, real-world showcase projects to demonstrate how tower neighbourhoods can take practical advantage of new zoning laws, new initiatives, and the current wave of collective enthusiasm for the project in general.

It’s a very exciting time for Tower Renewal, and the above presentation does a great job of communicating that excitement, but also the depth and complexity of the entire range of related issues and initiatives.