Tower Renewal Blog Launches “Out My Window”


The National Film Board’s remarkable HIGHRISE project lauches its second major feature – the interactive online documentary Out My Window.

As a follow up to the 1000th Tower – set in Toronto’s Kipling Towers neighbourhood in North Etobicoke, Out My Window takes a global perspective, documenting the lived experience of post-war highrise living in cities around the world.

As described on the HIGHRISE website:

HIGHRISE is a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary project about the human experience in global vertical suburbs. Under the direction of documentary-maker Katerina Cizek, the HIGHRISE team will be making lots of things. Web-documentaries, live presentations, installations, mobile projects and yes, documentary films. We will use the acclaimed interventionist and participatory approaches of the award-winning National Film Board of Canada’s Filmmaker-in-Residence (FIR) project. Our scale will be global, but rooted firmly in the FIR philosophy — putting people, process, creativity, collaboration, and innovation first.

To view Out My Window and learn more, visit