Intermunicipal Tower Platform


In November 2016, the Tower Renewal Partnership established an Intermunicipal Tower Platform, which brings together Ontario’s four largest cities — Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Hamilton — to enable information sharing and collective action surrounding their tower neighbourhoods.

The participating municipalities had already been working to address opportunities within tower neighbourhoods through targeted loan programs, community infrastructure investments, zoning amendments, and updates to official plans. The Intermunicipal Platform provides a platform for exchange and coordination on four core focus areas:

  •   Improving housing quality while maintaining affordability
  •   Achieving complete communities in tower neighbourhoods
  •   Mitigating climate change through building retrofits
  •   Integrating tower neighbourhoods into growth and transit planning

The Intermunicipal Tower Platform will continue to convene into 2018, in partnership with the Province of Ontario, to secure the improvement, maintenance, and continued resilience of Ontario’s affordable housing stock, fully integrated into its growing cities.