Impact Areas

GHG Reduction

Deep retrofit Towers and surrounding communities for a low carbon future:

Our sizeable legacy of post-war residential towers collectively produce several megatonnes of greenhouse gases each year and are among the most carbon-intensive housing types in Canada’s urban centres. However, these towers are uniquely positioned to emerge as models for low-energy retrofit. Deep retrofits can reduce their impact by as much as 80%, while also modernizing this housing typology for the next generation.

Engaging in deep retrofits provides a platform for technical, policy and financial innovation to jumpstart the broader retrofit economy, providing scalable solutions for low-carbon built form.


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Internationally, the design of policy frameworks, investment vehicles, and architectural solutions have unlocked the low-carbon retrofit market. Today, this includes activity on thousands of buildings and initiatives that build and support robust local economies of green construction and manufacture.

It is the aim of the Tower Renewal Partnership to aid in the development of best-in-class made-in-Canada solutions toward low-carbon Tower Renewal.

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