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Building from a framework of modern planning to enable 21st Century low-carbon, connected, and equitable growth:

The legacy of Apartment Tower Neighbourhoods had provided Canada’s large urban regions with unique built form rooted in progressive planning ideas that reflect the principles of ‘smart growth’ in post-war Canada.

Despite being designed as higher density districts, many Apartment Tower Neighbourhoods are surrounded by underutilized space and uncoordinated community infrastructure and amenities.

Apartment Neighbourhoods provide a framework for targeted mixed-use growth. Thoughtfully planned and well designed infill development can aid in creating cohesive neighbourhood structures, linking towers to amenities, framing public space and adding new housing, social and commercial programs.

Linked to new investments in rapid transit, and tied to programs of low energy and net-zero new development, tower infill can aid in reaching regional growth goals while enabling better connected, resilient and integrated Tower Neighbourhoods. It is the aim of the Tower Renewal Partnership to aid in the development of design and policy frameworks to realize smart growth strategies for our Apartment Neighbourhoods.  

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