Impact Areas

Housing Quality

Retrofitting modern housing for today’s standards of comfort, health, safety and dignity.

Designed using modern principles of housing equity – light, air, and space for all – our legacy of apartment towers was built with solid foundations to meet tomorrow’s housing needs.

Today this housing infrastructure is aging. Providing homes to millions, often those of lower income, the state of repair of some of this housing is becoming a challenge.

Future viability requires overcoming two challenges: modernization to meet today’s housing standards of comfort, performance and convenience, and addressing issues of repair backlogs and base state of repair.

Working toward modernization will require establishing clear metrics to define and measure housing quality. It will also require the provision of investment tools to meet these standards. It is the aim of the Tower Renewal Partnership to aid in establishing made-in-Canada standards and solutions for deep retrofit and tower modernization, bridging international best practice and our local context. It is also our aim to ensure that through the process of modernization, systems are in place to ensure affordability is maintained, particularly for the most vulnerable.

Housing Quality