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Graeme Stewart interviewed: Toronto Zoning

As part of the Tower Neighbourhood Renewal project, the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R) continues to work with United Way Toronto, the City of Toronto, and key stakeholders to establish a new approach to zoning that will enable Toronto’s hundreds of Apartment Neighbourhoods to emerge as more complete, better-served communities. Recently, Canadian Apartment Magazine interviewed ERA’s Graeme Stewart, as well as Aird & Berlis LLP partner Tom Halinski, on exciting changes coming to Toronto’s zoning laws.

Play the video above for Graeme’s segment, or visit Canadian Apartment Magazine to see both videos.

In his segment, Graeme reviews the historic planning of our inner suburbs, describes the changes these areas have experienced over the past several decades, and highlights the potential of proposed changes to zoning to enable positive street life and local economies in these neighbourhoods – an important next step for Toronto’s urban fabric.

Mr. Halinski, a municipal lawyer reviewing the proposed by-law, explains the legal limitations presently faced by Toronto’s Apartment Neighbourhoods and how upcoming changes to our zoning laws could positively impact them.