International Research Program

Key to the ongoing research and implementation of Tower Renewal has been as international research program, examining global best practice in building rehabilitation, sustainable design and achieving complete communities within the context of aging modern planned neighbourhoods.

Begun in 2006, this program has included site tours of various buildings and neighbourhoods as well as interviews with residents, architects, engineers, community planners, civic officials, funding agencies and political leaders to examine the full range of opportunities and challenges related to successful renewal.

Research has been conducted extensively throughout the European Union with specific focus on efforts in the UK, Germany and Northern Europe, and shorter tours in Russia, China and Australia. Findings, tailored to the local context, have formed the basis of Tower Renewal policy development and work on the ground in Toronto. Key aspects of this research include:

– Modern Planned Neighbourhood and Landscape Rehabilitation

-Sustainable Mixed-Use Infill

-Democratic Design

-Low Carbon Tower Rehabilitation

-Suite Modernization


-District Planning









Findings have been published in various formats including the research brief ‘Tower Neighbourhood Renewal International Best Practice’ available for download here.