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United Way Toronto + Tower Neighbourhoods – Update, Oct. 2013

Over the past several month, United Way Toronto has been hard at work with community partners and local residents across the City engaging in a series of initiatives in many of Toronto Apartment Neighbourhoods.  Key aspects of this ongoing work has been  summarized in an October 2013 memo, outlining recent practical achievements, and looking to the near future for goals for engaging in Tower Neighbourhood Renewal in the coming year or so.

For the full memo, please download.

United Way Toronto Tower Neighbourhood Demonstration Sites

ERA has been collaborating with United Way, the City, and other stakeholders on the Tower Renewal project for several years to provide frameworks and methods that to bring exciting new possibilities to Toronto’s apartment neighbourhoods. The program, this report confirms, has made a real impact on Toronto neighbourhoods, with improvements to accessibility, new forms of local economy, increased educational and social programs, upgraded recreational facilities, diversification of land use, and overall increased resident engagement.

On the agenda for 2014 are several exciting demonstration projects that will implement new Toronto RAC zoning regulations: a huge step forward for the practice of revitalizing tower neighbourhoods. Congratulations to United Way Toronto and their many community partners for this important work.